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Mediation is a conference between two or more disputing parties, moderated by a neutral third party, and conducted in an attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution for of all those involved.  Moreover, mediation is a form of moderated negotiation requiring the parties to speak directly (Pure Form model) or indirectly (Caucus Model) with each other.  The setting is controlled and facilitated by a mediator having no material stake in the outcome.  Mediation’s most distinguishing characteristic is flexibility.  Seemingly simple disputes can become acrimonious and difficult to resolve when parties focus on individual power or rights.  Disputing parties are reminded that interests always play a significant role in dispute resolution and are used to help the parties find common benefit. Mediation is appropriate when negotiations deadlock, time pressures occur, or the party initiating mediation has something to gain by involving a neutral third party.  Disputing parties participate in mediation session voluntarily.

Mediation is one of the following forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).







A method of dispute resolution largely based on power.

Arbitration and Litigation


Methods largely based on rights.  The advantage of arbitration is that parties can select the judges and, to some extent, the rules to be used.

Non-binding Arbitration


Means of obtaining impartial information regarding a situation



Means of determining if the parties’ interests can be broadened to find true common ground.